Agarose M for Electrophoresis


Agarose M for elactrophoresis

  1. Mã code: AB0013
  2. Mã CAS: 9012-36-6
  3. Quy cách: 250G
  4. Trữ nhiệt độ phòng
  5. Hãng Biobasic Canada

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Agarose M for Electrophoresis

Product Grade Product Code CAS# Lot. No Agarose M Electrophoresis AB0013 9012-36-6  
  Test Items     Specifications   Results
Appearance Gel Strength 1.5% Gelling Point  Melting Point pH in solution (1.5%) pH in gel Electroendosmosis-Mr Sulfate DNA Separation Test White fine, homogeneous powder >1,120 gr/cm2 36-39oC 87-89oC 5.5-7.5 5.0-6.0 <0.12 <0.15% Good  


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