Malondialdehyde tetrabutylammonium salt

Malondialdehyde tetrabutylammonium salt ≥96.0% (NT)

  1. Mã code: 63287-1G-F, 63287-5G-F
  2. Mã CAS: 100683-54-3
  3. Quy cách: chai 1G, 5G
  4. assay ≥96.0% (NT)
  5. mp 126-131 °C
  6. Trữ ở. 2-8°C
  7. Hãng Sigma Aldrich


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Malondialdehyde tetrabutylammonium salt ≥96.0% (NT)

Other Notes
Preparation of 3-alkoxy-2-propenals, versatile intermediates, by alkylation or by reaction of the tosylate with an alcoholate

Đóng gói: Chai 1, 5 g

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